CTC: Celebrating a Decade of Dedication!

September 2023 Marks Children’s Therapy Connections’ 10th year of Serving Families All Around the Community

Children’s Therapy Connections laid down its roots in 2013, and has grown by leaps and bounds! Today, CTC is happy and humble to celebrate a decade of dedication to families in the community. Read on in this month’s newsletter to learn of the clinic’s early beginnings and hear from the woman who started it all.

We recognize with gratitude all the families and therapists that have walked through our door, including those who have been with us through this entire ride! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for trusting us to accompany you and your child on this journey.


Because of an Acorn

This books illustrates the interconnections of nature in a beautiful way. A perfect book to celebrate both the fall season and to commemorate CTC’s mission of connection and growth!

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Quote of the Month

Connection is why we’re here; it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.

– Brene Brown

Be What They Need

How the Roots of Children’s Therapy Connections were Watered

Sarah Geiger has devoted her occupational therapy career to the care and treatment of children with different abilities and challenges. Her goal was to help them reach their optimal potential in the most effective and efficient way. Throughout Sarah’s 30+ years of practicing, she has worked with wonderful OT’s, PT’s and Speech Therapists as well as ABA Therapists that acquainted her with the inner workings of each therapeutic field and its interlocking necessity for successful development. These collaborative relationships, along with many hours of continued education and research, set her on the road to design an enhanced treatment model that therapeutically encompassed the whole child.

Thus, the evolution of Children’s Therapy Connections’ holistic therapeutic approach was born.

Holistic: Characterized by the belief that the parts of something are interconnected and can be explained only by reference to the whole.

Today, “holistic” is a term that is heard quite frequently whereas 10 years ago, not so much! Sarah began incorporating holistic living in her own life after receiving a massage therapy degree in 1998. Taking a special interest in infant and prenatal massage, she began teaching massage as an adjunct educator at Northern Prairie Massage School. She then

integrated craniosacral and other holistic interventions into her massage practice. Understanding the influential impact of one’s environment on their overall health and wellness, she began consulting with physicians, dieticians and other related practitioners about a holistic treatment model in an effort to foster a true “whole child” approach.

In 2013, after much preparation, motivation and faith, Sarah opened the doors to Children’s Therapy Connections in Orland Park, Illinois. The incorporation of the term, “Connections” into the visualized design was an integral part of the mission. Each employee would understand and appreciate that when a therapist makes connections with all aspects of a child’s life, that child’s individual skills and areas of need could be targeted more effectively. These aspects of physical, mental, social, emotional, and environmental skills are intertwined and develop collectively; hence supporting the mission of, “Children’s Therapy Connections.”

Now, with over 30 employees on staff and a larger clinical space, located at 15255 S. Harlem Ave. in Orland Park, Sarah continues to focus on the importance of staff and parent education to meet the needs of the CTC clientele. Within these walls, therapists learn from each other during staff meetings, during co-treatment sessions and through continuous education. The therapists work together on cases to ensure implementation of the “whole child” objective.

It is this sense of teamwork that has created a strong bond between co-workers and parents over the years. When moving into the larger clinical space, Sarah appreciated the comradery and dedication of her staff. She recalled, “Everyone came together. We moved everything on a Friday and we reopened at the new clinic the next morning.”


A Note from CTC’s Founder

Sarah Geiger

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the families who have entrusted their child’s care to Children’s Therapy Connections over these past 10 years. Thank you to all of our referring pediatricians and other healthcare providers for your continued trust to be the best therapy providers for your patients. For the past decade, CTC has had a front row seat to hearing a child’s first words, watching a child take their first steps and supporting their first friendships. To all of my dedicated providers, you have faithfully delivered the best therapy services for the children and families in our community. It is my great honor to work with some of the most remarkable therapists who devote their time and energy to integrating our holistic approach into each therapy session. Our “whole child” approach has fostered incredible growth for the children we serve and that success is what keeps me working endlessly each day to support those in need. And finally, thank you to all of the employees who helped make CTC the clinic that it is today. It is with great humility and honor that CTC moves into the next decade of service.

Best Regards,


Along with CTC’s staff, the list of services and programs that have come to serve clients has grown as well. While beginning as a clinic that offered Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy and Physical Therapy for children, it has now expanded to provide the following services: Applied Behavior Analysis; Nutrition Assessment and Treatment; Feeding Therapy; Aquatic Therapy and Life Skills (a social group for older children and teens focusing on improving activities of daily living). These programs were organic in their development, forming as a direct need to the challenges the clients faced. When it comes to program development at CTC, Sarah noted, “Programs are dictated by the needs of our children.”

As Children’s Therapy Connections approaches 10 years of service, Sarah expresses her thanks and gratitude to all those responsible for the amazing success of her unique therapeutic dream many years ago. The clinic would not be the great success it is today without the support and hard work of staff, parents, the community and the amazing children who demonstrate what perseverance truly means. Special thanks to the collaborative businesses who have supported the growth of CTC through their belief in the holistic concept. Thank you, Dr. Nicole Mozden of Whole Health Mama Pediatrics; Dr. Matthew Landstrom and Dr. Kelsey Oster of Landstrom Center; Dr. Alison Carris of LifeSpeed; and Julie Morris of M2 Digital Media Group.

While excellence of care, collaboration among therapists and strong communication with families will always be timeless priorities of CTC, the future holds unlimited promise. With a grateful heart and her infinite ambition for holistic clinical care, Sarah reaffirms, “Be what they need.”

Content of this newsletter was written by:
Megan A. Miller, M.S., CCC-SLP

Please contact Megan with any questions or comments at: megan@ctctherapy.com