Our Philosophy

We are Children’s Therapy Connections (CTC): a pediatric therapy center that utilizes a holistic approach in our therapeutic intervention.

We believe that to provide the most effective treatment, attention must be paid to all aspects of a child’s health and well-being, including social, emotional, environmental, intellectual and physical wellness components.

By examining these components and considering them all as possible contributors to a child’s limitations in various aspects of their development, we are able to provide insight into the “whole child.” How should any child be considered otherwise?

Although CTC provides many holistic strategies and therapy interventions, we also refer to respected physicians, holistic practitioners and functional medicine doctors to provide valuable insight that may shed further light on a child’s challenges.

Treating the sum of the parts- and seeing the parts as a whole- is the answer to progress.

That’s the Children’s Therapy Connections difference.

Our Mission

CTC was founded on the basis that, an informed parent can truly change the outcome of their child’s development. As one of the only clinics that offer a holistic approach, we are the place where parents find answers to their questions. Your family is not alone on this journey, we will be with you every step of the way. Together Everyone Achieves More