Torticollis & Plagiocephaly is a treatable condition. One of the key factors to successful treatment is early detection and initiation of Occupational or Physical Therapy at an early age! Torticollis causes the child’s head to be tilted towards one side, with the chin turned in the opposite direction. Torticollis may be classified as congenital, technically named Congenital Muscular Torticollis.

Sometimes these signs may go unnoticed until children are several weeks or even months old, when the child begins to gain strength and have more control of his or her head movements. Parents may begin to notice that their child has a strong preference to one side that is accompanied with restriction in head rotation or lateral flexion.

If you have concerns it is very important to act quickly so that your child can get the proper intervention and treatment. Our comprehensive treatment protocol performed by our Occupational or Physical Therapists ensures best possible outcomes. If you have concerns and would like a free screening, give us a call today.
Signs & Symptoms

  • Head tilt to the side of the tight muscle, with the chin turned toward the opposite side.
  • Limitations in range of motion, difficulty turning head, and gazing side to side and looking up and down.
  • Palpable lump in the muscle belly on the shortened side.
  • If the child is breastfed, they may have difficulties breastfeeding on one side (or seems to prefer one breast only).
  • Favoring of one side during active play.
  • Difficulty with learning to roll or only Rolling towards one direction only.
  • Displays of frustration or discomfort when attempts are made to turn head to opposite side.
  • Lack of response when visual, auditory and/or tactile stimulus is applied to involved side.