Prematurity & Secondary ComplicationsPremature birth and the secondary complications that may occur dramatically impact an infants development. Suddenly a parents outlook is entirely different, and they are faced with the challenges of realigning their plans or intentions to meet the medical and rehabilitation needs of their newborn(s). Our providers offer their years of experience working with premature babies. We understand how prematurity impacts infants and how to implement specific interventions to facilitate growth, strength and acquirement of developmental milestones.

When choosing a pediatric therapy home, it’s best to do your research. One of the most frequently questions asked is “ Can my child go to outpatient therapy if they are under 3 years old? The answer is yes! Children’s Therapy Connections therapists have decades of experience working with infants, babies and toddlers. We are a close knit team of therapists that support parents, while facilitating real change in your child’s development and ensuring continuity of care. Our experienced therapy team connect families with valuable CTC resources along with referral sources such as functional medicine physicians and a variety of great pediatric specialists in the area.

Call us today, and request to to speak to our Director of Therapy Services, who can answer your questions and provide you specific information to assist with your child’s care.