While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about


Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied behavior analysis, how can this help children with the autism diagnosis? ABA teaches children and parents how to increase positive functional behaviors and how to eliminate or reduce problem behaviors that hinder a child’s ability to learn and integrate new skills.


Occupational Therapy

OT is all about FUNCTION!

OT improves a child’s independence with Activities of Daily Living. Some of the activities of children include bathing, dressing, brushing teeth, eating and tolerating new foods, upper body and core strength, fine motor coordination and eye hand coordination.


Speech-Language Therapy

Pediatric speech-language therapy helps children overcome obstacles that interfere with their ability to: understand verbal and non-verbal language; communicate their wants, needs, thoughts and feelings in a functional manner.


Feeding Therapy and Failure to Thrive Clinic

At Children’s Therapy Connections our successful feeding and nutrition therapy outcomes emphasize the importance of a structured multidisciplinary approach to these problems.


Physical Therapy

Our experienced physical therapists evaluate and treat children of all ages, including premature infants, full term babies, toddlers and pre-school and school aged children.


Nutrition Assessment & Treatment

Nutritional health impacts all aspects of a child’s development now and later in a child’s life.