The Listening Program 1

The Listening Program (TLP) is a sound based, therapeutic program that is designed to develop optimal brain health and function by incorporating classical music to target specific areas of the brain in order to improve mental, physical, & emotional health.

The Listening Program is a great intervention tool that provides children at any age with the progress towards their learning goals. “Neuroscience has proven through functional brain imaging that music engages more brain areas that anything else. TLP has global effects on the brain and is commonly used to facilitate changes in a wide range of areas to help you succeed in family, school, work and life.”

The certified providers at CTC will assist parents with understanding how their child can benefit from “The Listening Program”. Children that have completed the program have demonstrated marked improvements with sensory regulation, auditory processing, communication, attention and focus, and an improved overall awareness and engagement in the world around them.

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What parents are saying…..

“After 1 week, my son began to speak 2 and 3 word phases. He began to notice more things in his environment. He engaged more with his therapists and in his therapy sessions.”

“Sarah (COTA) recommended the Listening Program for our son who has some sensory issues and had a delay in speech. After two weeks of doing the program he went from saying two word phrases to speaking in complete sentences. His activity level also increased, as well as his attention. We couldn’t be happier with his progress.”

– Lauren

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