Speech-Language TherapyAdditionally, Speech therapy assists child learn the ability to appropriately produce speech sounds; socialize with peers; and safely chew and swallow foods. While SLP’s may work on a vast array of skills, one common goal is unanimous: enhancing communication to improve quality of life! SLPs persist in honoring this goal as their most significant career-related purpose.

Here are some activities you may see our SLPs working on in and around our clinic:

  • Utilizing representational picture cues to help a child understand and communicate
  • Singing songs to increase engagement and promote language
  • Using bubbles, cars and other toys to help young ones engage, anticipate and respond
  • Using board games in conjunction with speech production activities to make articulation drills fun
  • Helping a child use appropriate social skills to engage with other children in the clinic
  • Working on straw drinking, open cup drinking, and appropriate biting and chewing to improve oral motor skills for safe consumption of solids and liquids
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