CTC Toy Recommendations for Early Shoppers

Our opinion on some of the best options out there!

November is the most appropriate month to reflect on what we’re grateful for, and that should never be overlooked. However, it’s also the month in which most parents start their Christmas shopping before the chaos of the Christmas holiday gets more intense. Sifting through the thousands of toys in stores or online shopping in order to find items that will really enhance your child’s development can be tricky and overwhelming – so CTC is here to help! This newsletter is devoted almost entirely to recommended toys, but there wouldn’t be enough room to feature all of them in detail. If you would like a comprehensive list of all our toy recommendations, please ask your therapist to make you a copy or check out the list posted in our waiting room.

On a note of gratitude for this Thanksgiving month, CTC is incredibly grateful for all of our families, as we wouldn’t have become a family without you!


We Are Grateful: Otsaliheliga

This book, a recipient of several awards, highlights the Cherokee Nation and the gratitude that they express for the blessings and challenges of each season (“otsaiheliga” meaning “we are grateful”).

Kids Cooking and Baking set (Amazon)

With Thanksgiving and all of the holiday baking approaching, consider investing in a kids’ cooking and baking set that will encourage them to help out in the kitchen, which is a fantastic sensory experience!

For other product ideas that target improved sensory processing, oral motor and language skills, please ask to “shop” at CTC’s very own product table, located within our clinic!

Tis’ the Season…for Toys!

Recommendations for fun, stimulating and educational gifts

The holidays seem like they are approaching faster than ever before, and the current shipping delays have many people shopping earlier than usual in anticipation of longer waiting times. For those wanting to check off their shopping lists this month, take a peek at some toy recommendations for the littles in your life and where to find them online (click for links)!


Genuine Fred Dinner Winner Kids’ Dinner Tray

A clever strategy for the picky eaters in your life is built into this Dinner Winner tray, which provides motivation for each bite taken!

Smart Games Color Code

Targets improvement of visual perception, planning, problem-solving, and concentration skills for ages 5 through adult.


Teeter Popper

All Fat Brain Toys target an area of a child’s development, and the company is sensitive to a variety of sensory-related difficulties. This Teeter Popper is no exception, and is touted to improve core strength, stability, leg strength, balance, coordination and gross motor skills – all while being a super fun movement activity for your young one!

Plui Rain Cloud

This clever and whimsical toy makes bath time more enjoyable and provides sensory stimulation in the palm of your child’s hand!

Design and Drill Power Tool Workshop

This engaging activity contains toy drills and bolts for creating designs on a grid that covers the toolbox. It’s a wonderful activity to spark creativity, work on fine motor skills and improve color learning, patterning and logic!

Pumpkin Picassos

Check out some fun crafts that CTC kiddos will be working on this month!

Tear-paper pumpkins

String design pumpkins

Feathers for our turkey


Sensory Rumble Roller

Foam balls inside this peanut-shaped ball provide additional sensory input to the rolling and bouncing actions your child can engage in. Use can also improve core strength and balance.

Chewy Pencil Toppers

Who would’ve loved to have these as a child?? These chewable pencil toppers are helpful for the fidgety child who just needs some extra stimulation in the classroom or when completing their homework.

Magic Cabin

Tabletop Easel

This 3-in-1 easel with a chalkboard, whiteboard and paper roll holder can provide hours of creative play, and doesn’t need to take up precious floor space! Simply fold open when you want to provide screen-free entertainment for your little tykes.

Ask your child’s therapist for CTC’s full list of toy recommendations!