So Your Child Needs Speech Therapy? Here’s What to Expect…

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Whether you heard concerns from your child’s pediatrician, teacher or well-meaning relative or you began searching for speech-language therapy due to your own persistent worries, the source of concern is what matters most: your child’s speech is difficult to understand. You have likely gained immense skills in the art of translation and can understand your

When Your Child Can’t Make Friends: Improving Social-Pragmatic Communication Skills

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Among the vast variety of speech-language deficits that SLPs treat (discussed in this previous post ) are social/pragmatic communication difficulties. Sometimes a child's challenges with communicating in social situations arise from speech-language deficits such as articulation errors or a stutter which, in turn, may reduce a child's self-confidence and cause them to refrain from social

Speech Therapy for Kids: When and Why Do They Need It?

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We’ve all seen and heard the stereotype: Sally (who happens to live down by the seashore) can’t say her /s/ sounds, and it’s so darn cute. Cue speech therapy. While speech therapists are well versed in the area of correcting articulatory errors in children and/or adults alike, the practice of speech-language pathology encompasses so much