Upcoming IEP Workshop

Understanding school services, including IEP and 504 plans, and how to advocate for your child.

Saturday September 12th at 9:30-11:30

Patricia Roberts leads this very informative workshop that will provide parents with valuable information they need to know to facilitate their child’s individual education plan. Trish has over 20 years of experience working in multiple school districts. Her extensive knowledge in how children are assessed, how education plans are recommended, developed, and implemented is crucial information for parents with school aged children, 3 years and older.

This workshop will provide you with information regarding:

  • understanding what services schools can provide
  • learning how to work with your school district to meet your child’s needs
  • how to be your child’s best advocate
  • how to identify possible educational restrictions or hinderances in an IEP
  • what to do if your school district can’t provide for your child’s needs
  • when to get additional advocacy assistance

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