When: Saturdays 11-12 pm
2 Sessions- spring and summer
Where: Local Orland and Palos Park Forest Preserves

Why Outdoors?

Bringing therapy outside provides children and therapists with endless opportunities for exploration leading to improvements in gross motor skills, fine motor skills, sensory processing abilities, motor planning, bilateral coordination, strengthening, visual skills, social skills and problem solving. Each week, children will be given a specific task or activity in which they are encouraged to climb and crawl through nature, solve problems, use their imaginations and much more.

Who Can Participate?

Ages 5-12

  • CTC Clients and Siblings
  • Children in the Community
  • Children who have the endurance to independently walk the equivalent of ½ mile or 8 city blocks.
  • Children of all abilities are welcome. If your child uses a wheelchair for mobility, please ensure wheels can handle uneven, off-trail terrain.

How Can I Sign Up?

Call 708-226-9200 or visit https://childrenstherapyconnections.com/ click under the services provided Tab “Nature Therapy Program” and click on link for online registration.