Listening-TherapyAt Children’s Therapy Connections in Orland Park, we are Certified Providers of “The Listening Program”. When Occupational Therapy is used in combination with The Listening Program, it can “jump start” the nervous system, accelerating the effects of treatment by stimulating auditory processing, as well as other sensory systems.These systems, vestibular, proprioceptive, tactile, and auditory, are foundational for developing motor planning, language, visual processing and contribute significantly to cognitive and emotional development.

The Listening Program was developed to improve the neurophysiological foundation for integrating sensory input by using specific sound frequencies and patterns to stimulate the brain. Specific 15 minute music modules are listened to daily that follow a structured format. The Listening Program is based on the theory of neuroplasticity, which refers to brain changes that occur as a result of experience. Children with sensory processing difficulties have many positive outcomes, that usually occur very early on in the program. Improved auditory processing and expressive and receptive language, improved sensory integration, decreased sensory overload episodes, improved interaction in daily activities, are just some of the few changes observed.

If needed, our providers may begin preparatory listening in therapy sessions, to help children assimilate to listening to music while wearing headphones, if wearing headphones is a concern. Children usually respond well when they hear the music, which is very pleasing to listen to, and complementary to therapy. Caregivers are then taught how to integrate the program into the child’s day. Our therapists will provide support throughout the program and assist with setting goals and tracking progress.