Christmas Gift List Ideas for Speech and Language

Mr. Potato Head This toy is still a classic today! It provides plenty of language opportunities when helping little ones learn body parts, colors, spatial directions, attributes, colors and so much more! You can even create social/pragmatic learning opportunities with two or more Mr. Potato Heads and initiate dialogue between characters or help children recognize […]

So Your Child Needs Speech Therapy? Here’s What to Expect…

Whether you heard concerns from your child’s pediatrician, teacher or well-meaning relative or you began searching for speech-language therapy due to your own persistent worries, the source of concern is what matters most: your child’s speech is difficult to understand. You have likely gained immense skills in the art of translation and can understand your […]

When Your Child Can’t Make Friends: Improving Social-Pragmatic Communication Skills

Among the vast variety of speech-language deficits that SLPs treat (discussed in this previous post ) are social/pragmatic communication difficulties. Sometimes a child’s challenges with communicating in social situations arise from speech-language deficits such as articulation errors or a stutter which, in turn, may reduce a child’s self-confidence and cause them to refrain from social […]

Oral Motor Exercises CAN Improve Speech!

The efficacy of non-speech oral motor exercises is a topic that has been debated among speech-language pathologists for quite some time. While many SLPs claim that oral motor exercises involving breath and various movements of the tongue, lips, cheeks and jaw will increase strength and accuracy of speech sound production, others state that these exercises […]

Speech Therapy for Kids: When and Why Do They Need It?

We’ve all seen and heard the stereotype: Sally (who happens to live down by the seashore) can’t say her /s/ sounds, and it’s so darn cute. Cue speech therapy. While speech therapists are well versed in the area of correcting articulatory errors in children and/or adults alike, the practice of speech-language pathology encompasses so much […]

When It Comes to Food…It’s All Child’s Play

It’s an age-old expression, often heard at dinner tables where pouty young children sit and fiddle with their uneaten veggies in order to avoid putting them anywhere near their mouth: “Don’t play with your food!” Speech-language pathologists and occupational therapists who incorporate feeding into their therapy sing a different tune. They say, “Let’s play!” Awareness […]