Education Advocacy Consultant

Assistance with understanding IEP and 504 plans within the Education System.
It is so important for parents to understand how the educational system can help their child be successful. Often times the most involved parent ends up playing a more passive role in the educational decision making process when their child enters the school district. Children’s Therapy Connections would like help families feel like an equal, effective team member from the start of their child’s education career.

Lynne Wester (B.S. M.Ed.), CTC’s Education Advocate Consultant, has been working with special needs children in schools for the past 16 years. As a special education teacher, general education teacher, and special education teacher consultant, she has become a valuable resource for parents trying to navigate through the educational process. During this time she has created hundreds of IEPs addressing a variety of children’s needs. Her knowledge base extends into training other teachers on how to make necessary accommodations and to structure lesson plans so children can be successful learners. Lynne has a full understanding of a properly developed IEP, creating realistic measurable goals and how they should be implemented in the classroom.

Ms. Wester assists parent advocacy by preparing the parent with the information they need to be a effective, contributing team member at meetings that concern their child’s educational plan, which may be a Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) or 504 accommodation plan. Understanding your child’s strengths as well as the areas they need additional support is crucial to help your child be a successful learner. Having a educational plan in place prior to the next school year is imperative.

Important: Often times it is the parent’s responsibility to request that the proper testing is done and an IEP meeting is scheduled producing an effective educational plan set in place prior to the next school year. It is imperative that a parent receive all testing results well in advance to your IEP meeting date, for parent to have time to prepare. You will need to inform your school districts Special Education Director of this request. If your child will be entering kindergarten, did not attend an early childhood program through the school district, but does have educational and special service needs such as speech and or occupational or physical therapy needs, it is highly recommended to contact your school district in March of the year prior to your child attending their first school year.

If you have never attended an IEP meeting, we highly recommend enlisting the assistance of Children’s Therapy Connections Educational Advocacy Consultant, Lynne Wester (B.S. M.Ed.). This will help to ensure the best educational plan is developed for your child