Developmental Red Flags

As a parent or caregiver, if you see any of these behaviors in a child we encourage you to talk with the child’s pediatrician or schedule an appointment for a basic developmental screening at Children’s Therapy Connections.

6 weeks:          Difficulty organizing suck, swallow, breath (difficulty feeding)

2 months:        Not obtaining visual focus – not interacting with caregiver faces

4 months:        Not bring hands to midline, not reaching for toys

6 months:        Not initiating some type of rolling movement

Not grasping and holding toys

8 months:        Not sitting alone

9 months:        Not crawling on belly or hands and knees

10-12 months: Not using pincher grasp (finger and thumb) for self-feeding

12 months:      Does not babble, coo or gesture

Not walking behind push toy or pulling to stand

16 months:       Not taking steps independently

Does not say single words

24 months:      Does not say two word phrases

2-4 years:         Observed to be a “clumsy kid” (tripping over feet)

Any Age: Hesitant to interact with others or the environment, appears to be overly sensitive, described as a “fussy baby”

Overly passive baby, not exploring the environment, “wall flower”

Perpetual movement, no sit-down time, no balance between movement and rest.

Delays in development affecting multiple areas

Consistent walking on tip-toes for an extended period of time

Has any loss of any language or social skills

Child does not know how to play with toys

Child has poor eye contact

Child seems to prefer to play alone.

Avoids using both sides of his/her body or exhibits a strong one side preference.